Thursday, September 26, 2019

What good life is Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

What good life is - Essay Example At some cases, the trip is such a rapid process one hardly realizes to have not gotten anywhere interesting in the end. Readers get a good time they hardly care. However, repeatedly, the poem ask s a lot from the reader and very few given for compensation. Subjects also limit pay-offs, inchoate and too minor, puzzles with gears can complicate churning and might finally reveal the clunk and clink of dullness of mind. The emotionally and spiritually flat dressed up information in technician is some type of poetry, but this is not to a large extent. Poetry with a few conviction and clear voice is more interesting, even when it is not formally accomplished. In the poem entitled â€Å"love† by Michael Dickman, he expresses how people fall in love. This is mostly in weddings and restaurants as they take wine. He analyses various environments where people often like making love and happiness as a sign of love. These occasions are naturally a symbol of good life. They make friendship with strangers as they watch movies. In this poem Dickman, explains how men fall in love with girls in restaurants. He brings out the issue of thighs, how it contributes to love. He uses an example of a boy who sold them popcorns meets a girl who was selling tickets. Dickman explains how love without care come. He compares it with how teeth are in the mouth. That he loved her the way his teeth loved the mouth. He compares his love to that of a boy he knew would attempt to have a purple dinosaur who loved him for real. He says that there is no one who can account for it. That in fact there are no people to do the accounting to balance the books love. He argues that there are even no one to measure the speed and distance between two loving hearts. As Dickman explains about happiness in love, he explains how S&M goddess love her husband. He puts clearly how the goddess brings him to a mall, leading him through the court of food by a leash. This is all because of strong feeling of love.

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