Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Crisis Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Crisis Management - Essay Example While security cover is definitely essential for public figures, it cannot be implemented at the cost of inconvenience to other public. The essential concept of security cover needs to be based on preventive strategy which also caters sufficiently for abnormal and emergency security conditions. Security cordon needs to ensure prevention of carriage of arms in close vicinity of the dignitary, visible and invisible security protection in two or three security tiers, traveling to be undertaken in protected convoys, deceptive actions like frequent alternative routes, frequent rotation of dignitary in convoy vehicles, medical evacuation facilities and other such measures as described below: Security Cordon. Visible elements like uniformed and civilian clothed security guards should form a cordon in two or three tiers with bullet-proof jackets around the dignitary during all his movements in public areas. Metal detectors and physical check-up of people likely to come into close proximity with the dignitary should also be undertaken to prevent anyone carrying arms with an intention of harm. Travel. The dignitary is to travel in a convoy of three vehicles with his seating to be decided at last moment. An ambulance with necessary medical and emergency equipment is to join as the fourth vehicle. 02 armed guards are to be present in all the three vehicles. As far as possible, he is to be carried in a bullet-proof car. Three routes are to be pre-decided out of which one is to be chosen at the last moment. Public Appearances. Efforts have to focus on proactive prevention techniques by developing ways to identify and neutralize people who pose a threat to the dignitary. Essentially, this would involve cordoning off the immediate area to the extent possible with facilities for observation from elevated towers, preventing carriage of arms to the meetings, identifying and preventing individuals with past known criminal record from entering the area, take assistance from all law-enforcing agencies in achieving such precautions to the extent possible and ensure his safety in public places with or without use of force. Meeting the Press. Most dignitaries love to meet press and show their security-be-damned attitudes for sake of cheap popularity. Security personnel have to accomplish their duty in spite of these conditions. The press members should be thoroughly sensitized regarding security threats to the dignitary. Further, the press members have to be clearly identifiable and preferably segregated from the public to interact with our dignitary. The dignitary should also be advised of the measures undertaken by us and requested to cooperate by not breaking the security cordon. If possible, an organized press conference should be arranged at an appropriate closed in-house location than publicly. Medical. A competent medical attendant duly cleared by security agencies for his clean and reliable background record with all necessary emergency equipment is to follow the convoy in the ambulance. A specialist doctor should remain on emergency call during the entire duration. Protection Plan for Residence. Security arrangements at residence would involve the following: a. A well laid-out security cordon to block any miscreant from entering the residence. b. Regular patrolling of all vulnerable points along the residence. c. Scanning and keeping a watchful eye on all incoming visitors including employees at

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