Tuesday, September 10, 2019

New York Times Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

New York Times - Essay Example These changes both in the use of the English language and the newspaper itself can be attributed to circumstance and the changing times including progress itself where language become more simplified to facilitate understanding. Some things however did not change such as the general look of the newspaper New York Times. The 1800s can be said to be still part of â€Å"wordy literature† and this can be observed in the August 2, 1888 publication of the New York Times. It is important to note here that newspapers are the simplest form of English of a society in a given day. But still, we can observe in 1838 edition of New York Times that used long sentences with several phrases in a sentence. It can even said that it did not follow the modern rules of writing the first paragraph of newspaper writing which is to use the five W’s (What, Where, Who, Why) and one H (How). This can be observed in the article entitled â€Å"THE POSITION TAKEN BY CONNECTICUT PROHIBITIONISTS: AN ENTHUSIASTIC STATE CONVENTION AT HARTFORD YESTERDAY-NOMINATING A FULL TICKET†. The first paragraph is so long that it took almost half of the length of the page. The content also reflected the conservative perspective of the day where it â€Å"favourably† reported the prohibition of liquor which is unthinkab le today in modern America. The technology of the printing press was obviously primitive as what we can observe in the simple column layout of the 1838 version of New York Times newspaper. The writing style of the New York Times newspaper dramatically changed 50 years later in its August 2, 1938 publication. The language â€Å"modernized† or became more simplified and adopted the modern rules of newspaper writing of following the 5W’s and one H in the first paragraph as an overview of the story to be written. The banner remained the same but the layout of the body of the newspaper allowed some fluidity and style because titles can now be written across columns unlike

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