Friday, September 13, 2019

Fashion Blogging Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Fashion Blogging - Essay Example This research will begin with the statement that in this highly competitive globalized world fashion has become an integral part of our lives. Fashion is no more a personal choice for one’s own happiness but knowledge of fashion to some extent has become a requirement in workplaces, universities, social gatherings etc. This increased following and interest in fashion has led to newer ways of searching latest knowledge about ever changing fashion. This has led to the emergence of the phenomenon of fashion blogging. A vague and somewhat loose definition of blogging is the practice of posting information on the website. It is a medium where a strong view point, a differing view or just an attempt to â€Å"be yourself† is employed to engage the audience. Personal blogs are the most common where personal affairs of a person are discussed that are of interest to their friends. However the popular type of blog is the topical blog. In topical blogs a topic of interest is discus sed and hence it has wider audience. Fashion blog is a kind of topical blog. Fashion blog provides the platform for the creation of an ideal self with one’s online identity. Fashion blog provides the intersection of this self created ideal self and the off line consumer. There are different types of communities of practice created from â€Å"top down† i.e. by the fashion industry itself and the â€Å"bottom up† i.e. by the women who are interested in fashion.... Another type of fashion blog is like a fashion magazine that gives a glimpse of the season’s offering at the comfort of your home. While some focuses on finding our own style instead of spending a lot of money trying to keep pace with the ever changing fashion. An example of it is Bargain Queen. Another type of blogs only focuses on some of the fashion items such as shoes, hand bags and other fashion accessories. Generally speaking a shopping blog shows realistically priced things affordable by many as well as some aspirational items which are admired by many but affordable by very few (Leung, 2008). The Rise of Fashion Blogs The role and importance of fashion blogging has increased so much that fashion bloggers are now an integral part of the elitist and the most exclusive of fashion functions which were previously reserved for fashion schools and fashion magazines. Fashion blogs has such profound influence over the people that the British fashion blogger Susanna Lau has beco me a minor celebrity of UK fashion with her blog Style Bubble. Her blog attracts more than 10,000 visitors per day. Same is true for the popularity of other fashion blogs such as BryanBoy, Fashiontoast, SomethingNavy, and TheBlondeSalad. The popularity of these fashion blogs has turned them into an effective marketing tool. This increased importance not only enhanced the number of bloggers on the web but also their role. Now the bloggers are not just satisfied with being invited at fashion parties but they have a professional role to play. Some of the bloggers are now becoming a part of the branded network that is conducted by web Media Company. However their role is different from online magazines because they are

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