Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Critique the quality of the literature review in the study below, does Essay

Critique the quality of the literature review in the study below, does the literature review support the problem statement defend your answer - Essay Example There follows a survey of empirical studies, all of which appear to show how a lack of time, or pressure on financial resources have since prevented nurses from actually making use of past research in their daily practice. This empirical part of the literature review focuses on the negative, and does not cite work which identifies cases where research is successfully implemented in daily practice. Overall the quality of the sources cited in this article is generally good, although it is noticeable that most of them are American or Canadian in origin, with few from Europe or further afield. There is some coverage of theory, including cultural theories, innovation theory and change theory, but this is extremely brief and again heavily focused on the difficulties and failures rather than successes. The author seems intent on pointing out previous negative results in order to justify new research but she does not explain clearly why this is the case, or what alternative proposals have been suggested to improve the situation. In more recent studies there has been a growing emphasis on building on successes in this area. One very recent article (Leeman and Sandelowski, 2012) concurs with McCloskey’s observations about the underuse of interventions that have been demonstrated as successful and proposes that the reason for this may lie in a tendency in the literature to provide quantitative data, whereas more focus on qualitative data would of much greater relevance in the drive to encourage evidence based practice. An interesting recent article on the much more severe barriers to the implementation of new research in China (He and Hu, 2012) advocates the setting up of a website for nurses which offers practical guidance in several languages. In Europe, post-graduate qualifications and the increased professionalization of nurses have improved

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