Thursday, September 12, 2019

Bowdoin College and the Point of Education Essay

Bowdoin College and the Point of Education - Essay Example Bowdoin College's commitment to the common good is expressed in its mission, on the Academics – Common Good page: â€Å"A commitment to the common good isn’t just about giving back. It’s about looking forward and connecting who you are and what you can do to a greater purpose. We all want to live in a better world, but it’s not always clear where to start†. The common good is what inspired me to choose Bowdoin College to attend. In my opinion, the academy has to justify its existence, it's funding. People are putting in their hard-earned money, through taxes, donations, grants and tuition, to subsidize this institution. It is true that expanding the boundaries of human knowledge is a worthy endeavour. But so are many other things that people could spend their money on. Bowdoin College distinguishes itself by giving back to the community. I am interested in the Bowdoin College community outreach programs. Not only are these programs excellent for the college to build its connection to the communities that it resides in, but this is also a great way to apply my skills immediately. I will learn how to interact with the community, with leaders, and get real-world experience while still in college! What a wonderful career builder, and a great way to build the contacts essential for my ongoing professional success. Bowdoin College recognizes that the point of education is to give back to our communities, and I am proud to consider this institution for that reason.

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