Sunday, September 8, 2019

Retail Marketing and Logistics Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Retail Marketing and Logistics - Case Study Example This way they maintain good hold over quality and are in position to quickly phase off food items that outlive their utility. Gregg's have their own registered charitable trust and they are actively engaged in providing grants and donations for needy causes. Their social activities include the environment, children's cancer research, breakfast clubs that provide free, nutritious breakfast for primary school children in socially disadvantaged areas, and raise funds for children in need. Their exposure to these social activities gives them the advantage of maintaining good public relations and also the marketing thrust in new regions where they open shops. Their social obligations are noteworthy and they encourage their staff to be involved in these ventures. Apart from these, their emphasis on customer satisfaction is fundamental to their success. They also constantly review their product range to ensure quality, taste and value for money. Products that appear to lose popularity are taken off the shelves without much loss of time. The products on display reveal a rich variety of food items and invite the buyers to purchase and try them. The shop design is continually modified and refined to improve the shopping experience. They are also ever on the lookout for new opportunities to open shops in areas where they perceive their products have demand (Greggs). Along with Retail Marketing Mix Along with the vision to open shops wherever there is the prospect for business, Greggs ensure that there is good management of their staff and their products are made to customer's satisfaction. This hawkish policy of making their presence where there is need has provided the company with good growth results. The company boasts of a sound system alive to customers needs and just waiting for opportunities to open shops in populated areas of towns and cities. Their marketing strategy is intrinsically held together in wooing the customers through the use of benign staff and products expertise. The policy of being where the customers are is responsible for the expansion of their business and in addition the customers are made to feel that they are welcome. The art of beguiling the customers with a smiling staff and healthy, hygienic foodstuff needs alert management trained to prod the manpower in the right direction of retention and growth (Greggs the Bakers (Shop)). The investment in purchasing or renting the shop premises is augmented with skilful handling of people in house and outside. Use of Relationship Marketing for Competitive Advantage Relationship management in Greggs is an aspect that they have diligently nurtured to secure competitive advantage. It is not only the relationship among the staff but also the way this translates with the customers. Even if the shop or outlet is small in comparison to the

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