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Law - Community Policing Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Law - Community Policing - Essay Example Police policies and procedures provide the guideline for daily working. It assists in decision making of the Police department. Courts and public look to policies and procedures to see whether the actions of any officer are according to policies or not. So, during the making of policies it is taken in to consideration whether or not the policy is meeting the community requirement. Antisocial Behavior Policy Antisocial behavior causes misery to people who want to live with peace in the society. It includes serious violence and harassment. It is difficult to define anti social behavior precisely. The absence of any definition of antisocial behavior creates problem for the Police to tackle it because its power is unclear and solutions may be restricted to other agencies. According to Section 1 (1) of the Crime and Disorder Act 1998, Antisocial Behavior is acting in antisocial way that causes harassment, distress, alarm or nuisance to anyone. The anti social behavior includes: Nuisance n eighbors Racist behavior Using or threatening violence Playing music too loud The misuse of fireworks Begging and antisocial drinking People dumping rubbish, fly tipping and abandoning cars People dealing and buying drugs on the street or alcohol abuse Rowdy and nuisance behavior Antisocial behavior policy and procedure of Merseyside Police I am discussing here the antisocial behavior police policy of Merseyside Police. Merseyside is a metropolitan county in North West England. Policy Statement The key priority of Merseyside Police is to tackle with any anti social behavior. We understand the effect of antisocial behavior on communities and individuals and we have researched different resources to deal with it. Merseyside has still higher level of antisocial behavior. So it becomes our priority to tackle with this serious issue and employ all possible resources to deal with this issue. To reduce this percentage, we will make short term, as well as long term, goals. Our objective is to provide the victim with support and security. Aims The aim of formulating this policy is to reduce and in long term eliminate anti social behaviors. The aim is also to identify the repeat victims and ensure that every safety measures must be used to support them. The policy is provided with procedures so that the application of policy becomes easier and there is a path to follow. Objective The objectives of this Policy is to Decrease the number of anti social behavior incidents Introduction of the system of analyze the victims’ condition Increase the satisfaction of community Create a system for the cooperation of different agencies Follow national guidelines Identify the groups who are engaged in anti social behaviors Application and Scope All police officers, staff and volunteers must know and follow the policies and procedures. Assistant Chief Constable is the Chief Officer and he is responsible for the operations. Outcome Evaluation Outcomes are the goals set or object ives and they should be checked on regular basis. The measurement of the results by the application of policy will be done by the Head of Area support and coordination Unit. Procedure The procedure of the Merseyside Police

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