Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Compilation of Online Resources on Language and Literacy Programs Research Paper

Compilation of Online Resources on Language and Literacy Programs - Research Paper Example These skills would help the child or the adult to become a more competent person in the society. There are certain disabilities which can also impair the learning and reading capabilities of the children. Measures have also been taken to address such needs. English literacy and its learning have evolved as an important aspect in modern day times. There are also instances where steps have been taken to improve the English learning capabilities of the immigrants and the families coming from the low economic back grounds. Special emphasis has been shown in some countries to develop the learning and literacy levels of the families of young children to help them learn the vocabulary and logical skills in a better and fast manner. Special trainings are given to the volunteers who conduct such trainings. Title- Teacher Education (School-based programs) URL- Annotation - Teacher Education is a school-based pro gram in language and literacy. Lewis & Clark’s Language and Literacy Program has been developed to provide an exhaustive view of the literacy for reading and writing programs in the schools. The course of the study emphasizes on the notion that language with its all richness consisting of the different forms and functions, forms the foundation from which a literacy program can evolve. The courses that are in the Language and Literacy Program leads to Reading Endorsement and allows the person to teach reading in all the four levels beginning with early childhood, the elementary level, the middle section and the high school. The program requires on an average 14-15 semester hours and approximate 18 months in part-time study. Title - Rural Language & Literacy Connections (Rural LLC) (School-based programs) URL - Annotation - Rural Language and Literacy Connections (Rural LLC) is learning and literacy program aim ed at the school levels. It is a unique method that has been designed in order to create an intensive form of literacy-based learning program targeting the rural, low-income based children living in Nebraska. The main aims of the Rural LLC are to enhance the oral language capacity of the young children, their phonological awareness, improving the efficiency of the early childhood professionals found in preschools and in the additional child care settings in order to support the future reading. The primary emphasis that is observed in the program is put on the preschool settings that are mostly center-based. Title - DOORWAY INTO PRACTICAL LITERACY (DIPL) (School-based programs) URL - Annotation- DOORWAY INTO PRACTICAL LITERACY or DIPL is a language and literacy program that is aimed at the children in schools. It is a complex language technique that aims at making both teaching along with learning literacy more fun and thus effective. DIPL has been formed in a way that it can be used for daily classroom use. DIPL incorporates spelling, the reading skills, basic grammar, punctuation and auditory forms in a sequential program that would cater to all learners. DIPL has developed and uses different phonological skills in its areas of literacy. Title - Workplace English Language & Literacy (WELL) (Community-based programs) URL - Annotation - Workplace Engli

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