Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Application of Concept Analysis to Clinical Practice Essay

Application of Concept Analysis to Clinical Practice - Essay Example Some of the concepts that are related to nursing are health, nursing, parenting, coping, and managed care. A concept analysis is thus the primary action in communicating variables such as meanings, understandings and feelings. A concept is usually considered to be a measurable variable in a hypothesis, assumption, or proposition. â€Å"Nursing has traditionally valued processes of concept analysis for the identification of concepts suitable for subsequent research and as a means to determine the appropriate methodologies for investigating the concept of interest† (Penrod & Hupcey, 2004, p. 403). Shaun M. Ryles in his article ‘a concept analysis of empowerment: its relationship to mental health nursing’ had used the evolutionary concept analysis of Rodgers by clarifying the concept of ‘empowerment’ and the concept comparison of Morse in which the meaning of competing concepts are clarified. â€Å"Empowerment is described by Gibson (1991) as a composit e of three factors: attributes that relate to the client; attributes that relate to the nurse; and those that relate to the client and nurse† (Ryder, 2001). The evolutionary concept is used to clarify the term empowerment and this is done through the analysis of the characteristics of the term empowerment. ... Empowerment as a concept aroused from the movements of political awareness of the late 1960’s and early 1970’s. The concept was used in the movement for raising the political awareness among the people of the community. Thus the term empowerment is used in this article so as to raise the self awareness among the nurses as a result of empowerment. Empowerment is thus considered to be important so that they are capable of recognizing and fulfilling their individual responsibility and become accountable. The political willingness of the nurses is found to be meagre and it is said to be the result of the circumstances like subservient and deferential culture in which the nursing had grown. The lack of empowerment may further lead to tension and conflict which will have negative impact on the health care environment. â€Å"From these characteristics one can suggest that as a means of unifying the concept, empowerment can be seen as having a continuum that begins with an awa reness of something tangible, usually a deficit, and then proceeds to a point at which the actors feel this has been corrected† (Ryles, 1999, p. 602). Based on the literature, author divided the concept of empowerment into two models: Psychological model and community or political model. The psychological model is related to the humanistic approach to nursing practice giving emphasis to self-awareness and personal growth. The psychological model gives the path to the empowerment through the relationships. Thus it is related to the closeness of the people. The political model which is influenced by the humanistic perspective gives emphasis to the concept of synergy. The political model gives importance to the development of political consciousness. It is been made clear that the

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