Friday, October 18, 2019

How diversity impacts educational efforts and programs within the area Research Paper

How diversity impacts educational efforts and programs within the area of academia - Research Paper Example A nurse is essentially a social person, or he/she might not be able to do justice to the job. Social skills required on the part of a nurse include but are not limited to emotional intelligence, communication skills, and management. In-depth knowledge of diverse cultures enables a nurse to optimize on his/her potential to display these skills in the workplace. Inclusion of diversity in the academic curriculum of nursing acquaints a nurse with the knowledge of the best possible way to deal with a patient coming from a certain background. Diversification of the nursing education is also a need of the hour in that the nursing students have become increasingly non-traditional over the years. Non-traditional means â€Å"aged 25 or older, commutes to school, enrolled part time, is male, is a member of an ethnic or racial minority group, speaks English as a second or additional language, has dependent children, and holds a general equivalency diploma (GED) or has required remedial classes† (Bednarz, Schim, and Doorenbos, 2010). According to the American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN), there were about 73 per cent non-traditional nursing students in the undergraduate program as of

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