Sunday, November 17, 2019

White Paper on the film Henry V Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

White Paper on the film Henry V - Essay Example Setting a concrete example for this leadership is the leadership of Henry V during his term. Perhaps during his motivational rhetoric before he and his people went off to a battle what made his leadership notable. The content of his speech had a power to move or compel his member toward his vision. To scrutinize the content of his inspiring â€Å"St. Crispin† speech will help this study to understand Charismatic Leadership. Citing the reality of life and death in his speech, King Henry V’s St. Crispin’s speech appealed truthful. Thus it brought another dimension to view life, enough to motivate people to move in his direction. To have his people not to fear regarding their number, he made them realized that greater honor was waiting for the few people rather than the multitude. The share of honor in multitude will be a lesser credential than to a group of fewer people. Perhaps in his speech, King Henry V’s charisma was emphasized when he cited and imply about God’ will with his own vision and plans. This just signified humility on his part towards a more Greater Power than his own that he was acknowledging. In a study of trait of charismatic leadership done by Quarterman Lee (2008), he came up with certain descriptions to describe such kind of leaders. The descriptions will also served as categorical arrangement to analyze the context of King Henry V’s St. Crispian’s speech in this study. In order to present to people being governed a leader’s compelling vision, a certain means of transmission will be needed. Speech or rhetoric to address the people is one of those (Nelson, Megill, and McCloskey, 1987). King Henry V used a persuasive rhetoric in his St. Crispian’s Day speech. Apparently, after the speech were given, the cited expected effect of such act manifested towards King Henry V’s people. He declared that certain day to be the St. Crispian’s Day,

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