Friday, November 8, 2019

Bangladesh Health Care System essays

Bangladesh Health Care System essays The personal, relational and collective well-being have been the progressive feature of the health care management. However, the conceptual clarification is required for the analysis of the 'positive, needed and recent development in health promotion' (Karl, 2004), which is achievable through synergistic applications. In this regard, the health care management is urged to differentiate among 'sites, signs, sources, and strategies (Mark, 2002) associated with the well-being. The progress is the function of different parameters that includes temporal, ecological, participation, and capabilities; the application of which is approval of these domains. The temporal domain has been referred to as 'timing of interventions and entails a continuum from reactive to proactive strategies', whereas the ecological domains refers to the 'site of interventions, ranging from person-centered to community-centered' (Marika, 2002), the participation domain is the 'voice and choice of citizens and consu mers in delivery of services and access to resources' (Suad, 2003), and lastly the capabilities is reference to the potential and concentration of the strength and/or deficits. It has been argued that the concentrated and primary focus on 'strength, prevention, empowerment, or community conditions' (Gupta, 2003) is not sufficient, and framework has to be devised which ensures 'the benefits of their synergy and the risks of their fragmentation' (Gupta, 2003). The situation has been marked as the crucial interface for the 'paradigm shift in health and human services', and this requires the formulation of the strategy which shall be adopted for the reliability of the 'strengths, prevention, empowerment, and community conditions', which offers considerable protection and sustainable development of 'well-being of all' (Karl, 2004). Application of Force Field and Well-Being Paradigms The millions of Bangladeshis are not registered to any health insuranc...

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