Saturday, February 8, 2020

The Society effects of Drugs in the community of Milwaukee Essay

The Society effects of Drugs in the community of Milwaukee - Essay Example 2). This report also found that heroin and other opiates have come into play which means that the population of abusers has changed. Now Caucasian males and females from small towns and suburban areas come into Milwaukee to purchase these higher scale drugs. Unfortunately, the mean age of the abusers has also change; adolescents are now experimenting with these stronger drugs. This report suggests that most of the activity is through Hispanic gangs with Asian and African American drug dealers as secondary problems. The Hispanic and African American gangs create problems for residents in the local neighborhoods as they spend time recruiting from those neighborhoods as they distribute their drugs. The drug dealing is often brought into the neighborhood by gangs and distributed. The dealers often come from Chicago and other nearby cities. As an example, a drug bust just found 19 people who were distributing drugs within the city limits. These dealers had a distribution going that came out of Chicago and distributed in Milwaukee each week (Halter, 2008, par. 5). This problem is difficult because many of the street gangs operate in a very sophisticated way. As an example, the National Drug Intelligence Center reports that the Hispanic gangs are very well organized, they have a hierarchical structure and they have established manifestos ("Drug Trafficking Organ izations"). This enables them to distribute drugs faster. They are also using prepaid cellular phones and social networking sites like MySpace to connect with buyers and each other. There are also turf wars from gang problems. Law enforcement predicts that there will be an increase in heroine abuse among young offenders by prescription opiate users because it is cheaper and easier to access. (p. 18). The residents in this area are suffering and have been told by the police to keep their doors locked and

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